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Guyana dengue cased confirmed

Guyana's ministry of health has called on residents to remain alert as a result of 12 confirmed cases of dengue fever in region nine, Lethem, close to the Guyana-Brazil border.Health minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy said over the past month there have been a number of reported cases of fever in the region nine area."Over the last four weeks the Ministry has noted the increase of reported fever cases from Region 9, especially Lethem, and investigation revealed that these cases were not due to malaria. A test for dengue fever confirmed that some 12 cases were as a result of recent infection with the dengue virus and were among persons in and around Lethem," the minister said.The minister added that cases occur sporadically in Georgetown and all the coastal regions but more so in the Lethem area of Region 9 and the public has been advised that care must be taken to avoid mosquito bites.“The Ministry is recommending the use of mosquito nets and, if possible, insecticide treated nets must be used, especially by pregnant women and children under 5 years. Everyone should sleep under a net,� a release from the health ministry outlined.According to health officials, the use of insect repellents can prevent mosquito bites if used as recommended and residents are being urged to use protective clothing, especially while being outdoors at night, and to avoid dark colours since they attract mosquitoes.(via
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