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Idealist and Reddit are launching

Reddit is a "social news" service where users submit stories and site community votes on the submissions. Based on those votes the submissions float up or down in ranking. and StumbleUpon are also "social news" services.What makes these services so interesting and useful, is that they're great at bringing fresh and relavent news to people's attention often faster than traditional media outlets. They're also people powered, so there's no editorial decision making on which stories move up or down. If you're intersted in a tutorial on how to use (for n00bs), please follow this link. Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, is excited about the potential of the new site -
Last month we saw nearly 5 million unique visitors to Reddit, many of whom participated in our recent FEEDaNEED project, volunteering their talents to non-profits that needed them. We've already seen what good can come from our community... Please, take a moment and check out the new site at, submit your news and vote! Thanks! Scott
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