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  • sstadum Guyana in the Spotlight

Idealist's databases are filled with opportunities, resources and people from all over the planet. Each week, we'll bring you a roundup of what you can find on our site related to a specific country or city. Today we spotlight Guyana .There are 14 organizations related to Guyana that are registered on Idealist. The 5 located in Guyana cover issues such as youth empowerment, domestic violence and community development. The other 8 organizations --most of them based in NY-- connect Guyanese living abroad to their home country.If you're looking to volunteer in Guyana, there are 6 opportunities to do so. You can mentor at an orphanage for boys, work at the hospital, teach at a public school or even try your hand at tropical juice making.Currently, there are 7 Idealists signed up, as well as 19 people who list themselves as volunteers. If you're Guyanese or simply love Guyanese culture, create a personal profile and let the world know! - Guyana in the Spotlight
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