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Kwatamang New Road Project

REQUEST OVERVIEW Kwatamang is a small village on Annai Village Land, between Annai proper and the Rupununi river. The village is divided by a low area that floods during rainy season. The proposed grant would pay for two drums of fuel so the Kwatamang Village tractor (with help from the villagers) could raise a section of ground linking East and West Kwatamang during the rainy season. The Senior Councilor Jordan Joseph has stated the the villagers would do all the labour, and the village tractor could be used if the money for fuel could be found. The section of the land is not to big. maybe 75-100 yards long. The land does not flood high... it is kind of one very large puddle that never drains and is always wet.

PROJECT SUMMARY The FROG Grant successfully provided funds to improve a well used path in Kwatamang Village, Guyana. The village is divided into two main hills with a low ground in between. That low ground was always muddy and near impassable during rainy season. The FROG grant gave the village enough to build this ground up. The Grant went towards fueling the Village tractor and paying the labor to collect rock and rocky dirt and build a road through the wet, muddy area.


Kwatamang New Road Project
Kwatamang New Road Project
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