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Peace Corps Director proposes Peace Corps Foundation

Peace Corps Director Ronald A. Tschetter officially announced his vision for a Peace Corps Foundation during a town hall staff meeting on October 23. The principal purpose of the Peace Corps Foundation would be to advance the Peace Corps' third goal of inspiring a better understanding of other cultures through returned Volunteers in America.The Peace Corps Foundation would be a private charitable non-profit corporation. The goal of the Foundation is to increase public awareness within the United States of Peace Corps Volunteer experiences, and the diversity of the countries in which they serve. Groups such as the National Peace Corps Association and the numerous "friends of" groups comprised of Returned Volunteers could greatly benefit from Foundation resources. The Foundation would not be a federal agency; therefore it would not require any appropriated funds from Congress. Instead, funding for the Foundation would be sought from corporations, foundations, and private individuals; grants would be disseminated for specific programs under a governing board's direction. The activities of the Foundation will be planned in coordination and cooperation with the activities of the Peace Corps.(via
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