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Problems with the 2009 Peace Corps Budget You may have already heard that the Continuing Resolution for 2009 budgets just $340 million for the Peace Corps- just a $9 million increase over the 2008 budget. This increase will result in hundreds of fewer spots in the Peace Corps due to costly new security procedures worldwide. I am emailing you to contact President Obama today to increase this number to $425 million to fulfill his campaign pledge. You have until March 6, 2009 to act or we will have to wait one year. Our government is not supporting the Peace Corps. Over 13,000 people applied in 2008 alone for fewer than 4,000 spots, and nearly 20 countries are asking for new programs, but we are about to make a decision that will slash the number of spots in 2009. It is unacceptable. The Continuing Resolution number is not logical, and a number which MorePeaceCorps flatly rejects . We need thousands of messages to President Obama from you, your families, and from serving volunteers all over the world. You don’t have to be a volunteer or even a US Citizen to write. If we can galvanize the 195,000 former volunteers in this country and get the 7,876 volunteers presently in the field near a computer or cell phone, we can influence this process. We must collectively demand at least $425 million in 2009. The resolution could get passed on March 6, 2009. If you would rather call the White House and leave a message, the comment number is 202-456-1111. If you take action, please send me a quick email so I can keep track. I served in Nepal from 2001 to 2003, and it was the most important period in my life. I made lifelong friends, taught children in a school, worked with farmers, and helped a village build a water pump. I learned about the infinite complexity and beauty of the world, and returned to America a more informed citizen. The 27-month Peace Corps model is like no other , and I say we redouble our efforts and fight hard for the President to keep his promise which is plainly stated on to double Peace Corps by 2011. Peace Corps volunteers do more for the image of this country (and therefore its national security) and the wellbeing of millions of poor people around the world than all of the diplomats and state department officials combined, and yet the Peace Corps is being neglected. Think about that and please take action, or we will see hundreds of opportunities lost… This is sample text for your email which you can adjust. Recognizing that we are all busy, I still advise you to make it personal. “Dear President Obama, I am writing to you from _______. I recently learned that the Continuing Resolution for 2009 requests just $340 million for Peace Corps, a very disappointing $9 million increase over 2008. At a time when you have pledged to double the Peace Corps, this budget figure will result in hundreds of volunteer positions being cut. I urge you to support at least $425 million for Peace Corps in FY 2009 to build the foundation for expanding the Corps into the 20 countries that are asking for it today. I cannot overstate my disappointment at the Continuing Resolution figure but trust that you will increase it before March 6, 2009. We need Peace Corps now more than ever, but it is shrinking in size due to neglect. This is a program that profoundly affected my life. I served in/am serving in ______. I hope you keep the promise stated on your website. I don’t see how Peace Corps can double if it is dwindling in 2009: ‘Expand the Peace Corps: Double the Peace Corps to 16,000 by 2011. Build an international network of overseas volunteers so that Americans work side-by-side with volunteers from other countries.’ Sincerely,NameAny times you wish to listCity, Country
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