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Update on Peter Moore

Moore and his British bodyguards were bundled into police vehicles and driven northwards into Sadr City, the Shiite stronghold of Moqtada al-Sadr.The five hostages are believed to be held at two or more locations to thwart any rescue attempt by the SAS.For five months there has apparently been no attempt by the kidnappers to publicise their demand that the British persuade US forces to release Qais al-Khazaali, a leading Shiite militiaman whom the Iranians have chosen to head a splinter group of al-Sadr's Mahdi army....Last week the kidnappers released a video showing one of the hostages, named only as Jason, and warning that a hostage would be killed if British troops did not leave Iraq in 10 days. This is seen as an attempt to take credit for the imminent handover of southern Iraq and the withdrawal of 500 troops. Peter Moore, a friend to many Guyanese and RPCVs, was kidnapped in Iraq earlier this week. Peter worked with Guyana Geology and Mines Commission from about GUY 11 to GUY 14. For more information, check out ABC News. Please keep Peter in your thoughts and prayers. The other big item was that a terrorist cell out of Guyana was broken up in Brooklyn with plans to attack JFK airport. Check out more on Google News. UPDATE: This is only a rumour but I heard this from someone close to him.
he last I heard was that the Mehdi army claiming to have him for negotions...but they still havent stated what they wanted or shown any proof they indeed have em alive...(via
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