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Suddie Primary Lending Library

Date: 3/21/2011 – 4/3/2012

Counterparts: Pam Persaud

Contributed: Linda Erskian – GUY 22

The Suddie Primary School has a library but it does not loan books from its collection. To stimulate an interest in reading PCVs created a separate Suddie Primary Lending Library, repairing existing shelving and stocking those shelves with purchased and donated books from Guyana, the U.S. and Canada. PCVs showed the older students how to perform the basic tasks of a small lending library: basic organization, cataloging books, plus the tasks of lending, repairing and ensuring the return of borrowed books. The Lending Library provides a collection of storybooks that 1st-4th grade students may check out. PVCs also trained parents in the skills of reading to their children as a stimulating introduction to reading.

Suddie Primary Lending Library.png
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