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Date: 6/1/2017 – 8/31/2017

Contributed: Edith Yoo – GUY 19

Textbooks were purchased for the after school homework program with the secondary school students at the Two Brothers Primary Accelerated Learning Center in Canal #1, Region 3. A learning center was opened and made available to students Monday through Friday, for homework help from community volunteers and to have access to the textbooks which their families may not be able to afford.

The program typically is seeing 10-12 children on a daily basis to access different texts. Secondary school students have come from all along the West Bank to have access to free textbooks. Also, a small portion of the FROG grant was used to purchase storybooks for the library and chapter books for the secondary school students to read. The physical presence of books allows students to practice reading and encourages them towards further reading.

After School Homework.png
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