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Bookshelves for Knowledge and Prosperity

Location: Georgetown, Region 4


Date: 1/2019

Contributed: Caroline Deurwarder – GUY 30

Ms. Deurwarder worked alongside community leaders in a low-income community situated in Georgetown. There are 136 families including 180 school-aged children in the community, some members in the community live in squalid conditions. This community has a cultural center but with no materials inside. Ms. Deurwarder worked with FROG to purchase wood and tools for library bookshelves at the center. Ms. Deurwarder wanted to help with the resources to build the infrastructure so they can have a jump start on creating a library/safe space for the youth. The purpose of the library is to provide a productive environment and safe space for the youth to do their homework and house youth empowerment/life skills club.

Learn more about the community at large here:

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