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Ituni Women in Action Group Tote Bags

Counterparts: Ena Pigott and Shaundell Ducan Naipaul

Date: 2013

Contributed: Mark Silva GUY 23 & Matthew Johnson GUY 23

Upon discovering the existence of Ituni Women in Action Group, FROG presented the idea of the tote bag project to Peace Corps Volunteer Mark Silva, a volunteer located within the Ituni community, to seek a partnership with the group in the construction of the bags. The project was to provide employment to the women of IWAG while allowing FROG to raise funds for future projects in Guyana with the sales from these bags. The group agreed to work with FROG, so Mark partnered with fellow PCV Matthew Johnson to handle matters on the Georgetown end.

Ituni Women in Action Group Tote Bags.png
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