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Meten Meer Zorg Primary Mural Project

Location: Linden

Counterparts: Ena Pigott & Shaundell Ducan Naipaul

Date: January 30, 2017

Contributed: Mark Silva & Matthew Johnson

FROG funded the Meten Meer Zorg Primary Mural Project with a grant for extra paint and supplies which were used to complete the World Map Project with Grade 6 students this past term.

The mural project motivated the Grade 6 students to keep coming to school after completing their National Exams in April and gave them a sense of ownership over a project that will be an educational resource at the school for years to come.

The security guard at the school noted over the weeks that they were working on the mural that this project was the first time in decades at the school that anyone had done something educational with Grade 6 after their National Exams.

Meten Meer Zorg Primary Mural Project.png
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