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5 Podcasts About Peace Corps

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When I was a volunteer back in 2003-05, podcasts were a new thing but there weren't any great services to create and host them. I remember trying to record one podcast though I had no idea what I was doing. It didn't really turn out though I'm sure I've saved it somewhere. Below are five podcasts about Peace Corps, a little bit more polished and informative. If you're curious to learn more about Peace Corps, have a listen. 1. Posh Corps "Posh Corps is a feature documentary film and media resource which focuses on the modern Peace Corps experience. Real volunteers discuss the Peace Corps experience as it happens. Our films and videos tell the stories of volunteers in South Africa, West Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Americas." 2. Peace Corps Stories "An unfiltered look at the toughest job you'll ever love. Each episode features true stories about the Peace Corps, told by returned volunteers reflecting on the thrilling highs, the debilitating lows, the near-death experiences and the crazy adventures that you may not hear about from the Peace Corps organization itself. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of New York City is a non-profit group based in NYC to bring people who have served in the Peace Corps, with their friends and family, together for charity and social events, as well as our annual Peace Corps Story Slam storytelling event. Find us on Facebook." 3. Corps Conversations "Twice a month, returned Peace Corps volunteer, Astrid Vinje, interviews fellow Peace Corps volunteers about their experience during and after their service." 4. Chance Dorland's Peace Corps PodCast "Peace Corps Volunteer Chance Dorland brings you firsthand accounts of Volunteers as they return to Colombia for the first time in 30 years. Originally from the small town of Woodward, Iowa, Dorland has lived in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Germany and South Korea. He is one of only a few dozen Americans selected to serve in the first Peace Corps group to return to Colombia in 30 years. 5. Volunteer Voices: 50 Years of the Peace Corps "More than 200,000 Americans have volunteered for the Peace Corps since its inception in 1961, and for many of them, it was a life-changing experience. 'We really became more open, more interesting, and always better people than before we went,' says Aaron Barlow, an assistant professor of English at New York City College of Technology and editor of a new collection of essays entitled, 'One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo: 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories.' Barlow, who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo from 1988 to 1990, explained how his own experience mirrored other stories featured in the book. "'We thought we were going to help all these people — the truth is, we helped ourselves.'"

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