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Free job postings at for the month of June

Why a Free Month? So that anyone, anywhere can try Idealist at no cost. Usually, job postings on Idealist cost only $60, but this month we are inviting all nonprofit organizations, as well as vendors and consultants who serve the nonprofit sector, to post all their job openings for free. (Volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs posted outside the United States are always free.)If you have never tried Idealist, or if you have used us only for entry-level jobs, we hope you'll try us for all your positions. 60,000 people come to Idealist every day, and many of them are seeking high-level jobs.And if you are looking for a job, our goal this month is to get you as many job openings as we can, but to do this we need your help. If you know anyone at an organization that is not currently using Idealist, please invite them to join us. And if you have a way to get the word out to friends and colleagues across the sector - through a mailing list, a blog, or any other way - please tell them that Idealist is free for the whole month of June.Thank you!
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