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FROG Grants back, better than ever!

  1. In addition to health, education, the environment and economic development, FROG grants will be awarded in the area of culture.

  2. Currently, FROG has a yearly grant budget of $4000 (this can change at the discretion of the Board of Directors).

  3. FROG will award $1000 worth of grants each quarter and is now only accepting grant applications four times a year according to the schedule below.Quarter 1 Application Deadline October 1st, Award Decision November 1st Quarter 2 Application Deadline January 1st, Award Decision February 1st Quarter 3 Application Deadline of April 1st, Award Decision Deadline May 1st Quarter 4 Application Deadline July 1st, Award Decision August 1st

  4. FROG provides small grants of up to $500. The Board of Directors reserves the right to fund projects for the full amount requested or partially, based on their assessment of the proposed project.

  5. The FROG Board of Directors requires at least a 10% financial or material contribution from the community being served by the grant project.

  6. After a grant has been awarded to a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer, FROG will notify Peace Corps Guyana of this grant and will send a copy of the final report once that has been submitted. If you are interested in applying for a FROG Grant, please carefully review our grant policy and complete and submit a comprehensive proposal using the FROG Grants Application Form. If you have any questions about the FROG Grants program, please email

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