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FROG Quarterly Update: July - September 2011

  1. Held Board meetings on July 12th, August 16th and September 13th.

  2. Continued planning for a Washington D.C. fundraiser event in October. Join us on October 27th at the Goethe Institute!

  3. Organized a mini-Peace Corps 50th Anniversary project on Facebook. Thank you to all those who shared their Peace Corps memories!

  4. Celebrated Peace Corps 50th Anniversary at a gala event in Washington, D.C.

  5. Launched a strategic planning activity to help FROG develop and implement a five year plan.

  6. Organized the 2011 FROG Board elections. Stay tuned for an updated list of board members!

  7. Continued efforts to potentially build a bottle school in Guyana. Be sure to visit our website frequently for updates!

  8. Received some very generous donations which will go towards FROG grants and program operations. Thank you to all our donors for your kind donations!

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