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FROG Website Fundraiser

Help us make donating to PCV projects easier!

FROG Website Fundraiser helps Camp BRO

FROG is redesigning the website with the fundraising process in mind, and we need your help!

Great news! If you believe in FROG and our mission to help Guyanese communities, you can now DOUBLE your investment! A generous supporter has offered to match all of your donations. For every $1 you donate, we get $2! Please give what you can, whether it's $10 or $100, and we will reach our goal in no time. FROG is making a big change to how we approach funding community development projects, and to showcase our new efforts, we need to update our website.

We are asking for your help to raise $2,500 to help us make your user experience better by:

  1. Making the site easier to use and navigate,

  2. Having mobile access,

  3. Simplifying the Donation and Swag purchase process, and

  4. Updating the site look and feel

The new site will also feature our new funding approach - Direct Fund. Unlike our current Micro-Grant program, which has a $500 cap, Direct Fund allows our partner organizations to directly ask you, the donor, for part or all of the project funding. This means you will have the opportunity to pick which projects you like the most and make them a reality. Our vetting process for both Micro-Grant and Direct Fund projects are identical, but the funding process will be more flexible.

Help us update FROG and make us a more effective donor agency. To make a donation to the campaign, please click through here -

Thank you,

FROG Board

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