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Guyana RPCV Megan Kirby: Puts No Limits on her Dreams

Megan Kirby is a woman who doesn't wait for someone to ask. Megan started "Dance Beyond Limits", which teaches movement therapy and Ballroom Dance to persons with developmental disabilties and persons hard of hearing, and also runs an after school program for high school students in the inner-city of Atlanta. Here is what Megan had to say about starting her venture: "The nonprofit business world is a world all on its own, a world defined by passion, extreme intensity, serious start-up failures and major success stories. As indicated by the definition, I am definitely immersed in the nonprofit world as I have experienced all of these to the fullest. My passion has and always will be, Ballroom Dance. It’s a joy that is difficult to describe, perhaps a place where the world disappears and everything makes sense, step-by-step. My second passion is serving persons with developmental disabilities. The idea of Dance Beyond Limits, Inc. was formed from these two passions and the longing to make this joyous art of Ballroom Dance available to persons with developmental disabilities. The only reasonable business venture was to form a nonprofit organization, so I researched and discovered that I could do this on my own. 6 months later, I had my nonprofit status and was on my way to fulfilling my dream…that was almost a year ago. Dance Beyond Limits, Inc. is a dream come true, a living testimony that passion and dreams do become reality. I teach Ballroom Dance to persons with developmental disabilities and have since added not only Movement Therapy to the repertoire, but have expanded across other populations, including inner-city youth. Being apart of the nonprofit business world is extremely difficult. The start-up failures are inevitably around each corner, stunning me again and again. Through these failures, I find alternatives and through these alternatives, I find experiences that I never thought I would find and meet people who I would not have met otherwise. I believe that my success stories are yet to come but also believe that the real success comes from envisioning something great and making it a reality. (via
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