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Introducing 2018 SAGE Scholar Uvannie Roopram

Uvannie Roopram

Uvannie Roopram

What does being a SAGE Scholar mean to you? Being a SAGE Scholar is a privilege to me since it opened a lot of opportunities and a whole other part of my life that I never dreamt possible. I think of the Scholarship as my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, since it’s helping me move towards my goals. Being a Scholar also means that someone believes in me, that I can do great things and that I’m someone who can make a difference. I am very grateful to SAGE for playing a big part in supporting me on my journey to a degree, and also a better life for me and all those who I will help in the coming future.

Can you talk a little bit about your passion for computer science and how that passion developed? As a type of person that was always curious about computers and how they worked, when I first heard about Computer Science in Secondary School, I was very interested in it. My passion for it grew gradually from that moment. And due to my stream not any computer-related subjects, I made it my mission to do both EDPM and IT as extra subjects for CSEC . Here is where I got more experience with computers and what they could do. I loved it, but still wondered, ‘How does all this come together?’ and ‘How does the computer know what to do?’. This made me more interested in that field. I knew at that very moment that I wanted to work with computers, and that computer science was the best way to answer all those questions I have been asking. With Computer science it allows you to do so much more with a computer; to create programs, create algorithms for solving problems, even creating a user-friendly AI, and many more. I love the thought that something that was once a dream or a thought in someone’s head is now one of the most used devices in the world, and I want to be a part of that.

Looking ahead, how do you hope to use your degree to contribute to Guyana's development? My goal for the future with my degree is to help promote computing technology to the citizens of Guyana. This is by helping them achieve their true technological potential to make their lives easier. I believe that by helping develop the people, it will contribute significantly to the development of the country. As we know everyday technology is advancing and I want to be a part of helping Guyana advance too. I also hope to be a part of creating new programs and apps and introduce them to my fellow citizens. With saying this, as I look ahead I see a bright technological future for Guyana, where there are infinite possibilities.

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