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Meet 2016 SAGE Scholar Reuel Sookdeo

What are you studying at UG and why? I am pursuing Electrical Engineering at the University of Guyana. Electrical Engineering fascinates me mostly because of the aspects of developing technology; improving and implementing safer and more efficient livelihood for society and the future to come.

What is your favorite class at UG so far? Thus far, my favorite class is Electrical fundamentals 2 (ELE 1211). The reason being is actually the main course in my department so far. This course teaches more in depth on analyzing circuits and electrical components which are quite interesting.

What does being a SAGE scholar mean to you? It's a privilege being a SAGE Scholar. Words cannot express my gratitude for this grand opportunity to further my studies and making my aspirations a reality.

How do you hope to contribute to Guyana after you graduate? After graduating, my goal is to work along with the government of Guyana in the energy sector to assist in the development of a clean and renewable source of energy. I would use the best of my knowledge to be an aid in creating and implementing eco-friendly solutions to problems facing with the rapid increase in climate change and modern industrialization.

What do you like to do in your free time? There are quite a few things I find satisfying, but I prefer to acquaint myself with my classmates and spend our leisure chatting and discussing ideas based mostly on research and scientific discoveries, which is both educational and entertaining.

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