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Meet 2016 SAGE Scholar Tejyas Singh

What has been your favorite class this semester and why? My favourite class this semester is engineering mathematics. I enjoy math as a whole, ever since secondary school and topics like calculus are very fun for a math fan. My proudest moment was when I saw that I had an A for my first set of engineering math quizzes.

How was your adjustment to life at UG? The biggest adjustment I had to make to attend the university was to leave my family back at home (Berbice) to live in Georgetown (the capital city). It was not easy at first but I am starting to cope better with the environment.

What impact do you hope to have on Guyana? Civil Engineers are responsible for building good quality transportation systems like highways, airports, seaports, etc. The right design and construction of these structures ensures their longevity and helps facilitate the infusion of foreign capital by enabling tourism, attracting multinational companies to Guyana and providing a basis for local business development. Guyana can become better developed and strong because of civil engineers.

SAGE began with a single scholarship for the 2009-2010 school year and continues to grow. To date, 16 deserving students have received full scholarships to the University of Guyana, with majors including law, medicine, international relations, education, computer technology and tourism.Scholars are selected based on their academic record and dedication to making a positive impact in Guyana. SAGE is the only fully funded scholarship program for students in Guyana who want to attend the University of Guyana.
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