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Nancy’s School Daze launches in Guyana

Nancy's School Daze launches in Guyana

The Premier of Nancy’s School Daze The Nancy’s School Daze premier took place on Saturday 1st of October at the Herdmanston Lodge. Present at the premiere were some of Guyana's more notable citizens like the Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence; Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin; Ramesh Persaud, the CEO of Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED); and Vishook Persaud who is the Head of E-Networks. At the event, the audience was treated to the first 12-minute episode of Nancy’s School Daze. E-Networks’ E1 cable channel also broadcast the episode that Saturday night. The CEO of Tinninben and the brain behind the making of Nancy’s School Daze, Alex Graham, said that the TV series was designed for young teens and older children. Graham wanted to make certain that the series was suitable for general audiences and family viewing with no viewer discretion or parental guidance required.

Meet Nancy Nancy’s School Daze features the life journey of a schoolgirl named Nancy. She's not just any girl, she is brilliant and uses her wit and intelligence to help her crew become successful at school and stay a step ahead of trouble. Along the way, Nancy and her colleagues will have to face the ugly social challenges like peer pressure, violence, bullying, and abuse. She and her crew will need to confront the personal struggle of teamwork, leadership, and adolescence. Alex Graham gave an insight on Nancy's role in the story. He said Nancy was also a victim of sexual abuse and learns along the way that disclosure brings an end to the abuse and is the start of the healing process. Tinninben CEO also added that Nancy character and her story is built to connect with children and older youth, and helps to guide them through the ‘daze’ of growing up. The Nancy’s School Daze TV series will run until May 2017, airing a new episode every two weeks until the season ends. He said season one of the series has 12 episodes. Alex Graham expressed his gratitude to the general public and the project investors. He also reached out to other organizations for their support. He noted that Nancy’s School Daze would have a positive impact on the country’s economy as he claims the project has already created seven permanent jobs at Tinninben Animation and another seven part-time jobs plus many business-to-business opportunities for other creative companies. Brutal Tracks Recording Studio handles the music production and Kross Kolor Records help with the recording and processing of the character voices.

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