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a 30-second (or less) portrait of a person, kind of like a video snapshot. It lets you capture the essence of a person: not just what they look like, but who they are right now.The thing is, everybody thinks they don't change that much from year to year. But what if we told you we had video of you singing your favorite song from 7th grade? See? You've changed. We all do. This is why home videos are so poignant: they capture a moment of time that inevitably goes by.Flickr Build a Book with Blurb If you've ever wanted to write a book, but didn't know where to begin, Blurb is a great place to start. Blurb is a micro-publishing service that enables you to create your own bounded book from any media. You can create a book from your blog content, your Twitter or Flickr accounts or from just about anywhere else. Blurb also introduced a group collaboration feature, permitting a number of people to work on a book together. Taking this idea a step further, Blurb recently release a Facebook app that allows you and your friends to build a photobook through Facebook. You are only bound by your imagination, and your pocket book, to what you can publish. Blurb The Felton Personal Annual Report Graphic designer Nicholas Felton is the author of, a site that chronicles much of his work as well as The Felton Personal Annual Reports. In 2005, Felton began publishing personal "annual reports" where he accounts for much of his day-to-day minutiae, such as days worked, number of vacation days, purchases, movies watched, beers consumed and so on. He combines this information with attractive infosthetics that ties all this data together. Upon request, he mails these out. I actually have one if you'd like to see what one looks like. The Felton Personal Annual Report 2005The Felton Personal Annual Report 2006The Felton Personal Annual Report 2007
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