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On the Hunt, Jobs in Guyana

Jobs in Guyana Guyana, one of the most beautiful countries on the coast of South America, is the only English-speaking country in South America, with an economy built around agriculture, mining and manufacturing. These sectors are responsible for most of the jobs in Guyana. One major issue Guyana faces is the lack of skilled labor.

Jobs in Guyana

Working in Guyana Working in Guyana could be a good choice depending on the job. Finding jobs for professionals in different fields is easier than it sounds due to a lack professional workers. Some sectors, like medical, diplomatic professionals, and the education sector, are in high demand for professionals and skilled labor. A teaching job in Guyana pays up to $1,000 USD per month. That may seem little, but with Guyana's low cost of living, you can enjoy a high quality of life on that wage.

Work Permits for Guyana Appling for a Guyanese work permit is not that complicated. Before you move to Guyana, you need to provide the Guyanese Ministry of Home Affairs with the contact information of your employer. Note that for a work permits consideration; the employer must be a registered business or establishment. After the ministry has confirmed the legitimacy of the company and the employment position, a work permit will be approved and issued upon arrival. The work permit is only valid for three years, after which it needs renewing. A work permit application form can be found on the Guyana Ministry of Home Affairs website.

Job Hunting in Guyana Online job sites and newspapers make finding a job in Guyana much easier. From teaching and engineering to nursing and journalism, a qualified workforce is always in demand due to the low population of skilled people. There are many websites you can use to find a job in Guyana; many are free while some required a subscription. Some of the best sites for job hunting in Guyana include and The Guyana Chronicle and Stabroek News are the most popular newspapers, and they have job sections listing vacancies in a wide variety of sectors.

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