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Report from the FROG Funded Art Camp in Charity, GY

Summary Art Camp started July 15th and ended July 19th from 12:30pm to 3-4pm depending on the activity that day. Altogether there were seven Peace Corps volunteers (including myself), six teachers, and three community members that assisted with camp. Some were not present everyday but all did contribute. Total, there were 105 students that participated. The kids were sectioned off and seated in ten different groups, each with an adult; they were told to stay in their same group the entire week.

Art Camp in Charity
The kids tied their aprons with rubber bands
The 3rd day of camp was painting on canvases in a striped
Games and piñata breaking

Challenges and Successes The challenges of the project were as follows:

  1. some helpers ended up arriving late/not showing up

  2. piñatas failed the first time around

  3. the aprons got mixed up among the owners

  4. when the names were painted black, some torn because the paper was too thin

  5. some aprons didn’t tie dye so well because polyester didn’t absorb the dye well enough And as for the successes of the project:

  6. the kids were excited each day about the next activity

  7. the piñatas 2.0 were built and successfully beaten

  8. the sharing amongst the groups was better than expected

  9. the positive feedback I kept hearing from the kids

The challenges of the camp

Personal Success and Feedback

The camp created a lot of excitement throughout the children. They got to experience their skills and they realized their potential. Some of them observed others and realized that art is interesting. It was fun and will give them an idea if they would like to pursue art as maybe a career. – Shakeela Barakat (teacher) Thank you for teaching me this week Miss! I learned a lot! – Ronaldo  (3rd grader) The kids had such a great time this week. They were so well behaved, polite and very creative. They will remember this camp for a while! – Susan  (fellow PCV) Thank you for having camp Miss! I had a lot of fun! – Kavita  (1st grader) The camp was a fun and empowering experience for all children, parents/teachers and Peace Corps volunteers involved. Many students have never been given the opportunity to experience art, let alone been told their artwork is wonderful and unique. I will always remember that moment of unrestrained joy when the piñata broke and children and candy went everywhere! – Beth (fellow PCV) Camp was really well organized! The kids and I had a wonderful time! It was a really fun-filled camp that leaves you wanting more! Thanks to everyone that assisted in making it a success! – Ms. Narine (teacher)
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