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Roundup: FROG Funded Projects for 2010

FROG Funded Projects for 2010
  1. St. Monica-Karawab Clean Water Project, Part II, US$395 - Phillip Chan, GUY 15

  2. Afterschool Homework Help at Two Brothers Primary Accelerated Learning Center, US$500 -Edith Yoo, GUY 20

  3. Promoting and Complimenting Local Pepper Sauce and Food Spices Production, US$485- Juan Rodrigues, GUY 20

  4. In School Youth (ISY) Program, US$100 - Adia McPherson, Peace Corps Response Volunteer 2010

  5. Kwatamang Village Ground Raising Project , US$500 - Nick Smith, GUY 20

  6. Guyana A.R.T.S. (Act, Reach, Think, and Shine), US$250 - Mica Gaard, GUY 21St. Monica-Karawab Clean Water Project In March 2009, FROG funded its first project when Phillip Chan (GUY 15), proposed to return to his PC Site, St. Monica in the Pomeroon River (Region 2), during his spring break from medical school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He and a classmate worked with the community to construct a water tank stand and install 4 tanks to collect 1,800 gallons of rainwater in order to improve access to clean water for community members. Philip wrote of his experience, œOn a personal note, it was really awesome to be back in St. Monica. There were moments of nostalgia, bizarre feelings of déjà vu, and a little bit of sadness. However, for the most part I was actually heartened by all the positive steps the village seemed to be taking, from the woodworking shop and functioning village telephone, to the head teacher's enthusiasm and continuing use of the computers.? Because of the success of his first project, Phillip returned to Guyana, with five of his fellow medical students. The group installed additional rainwater catchment tanks in the village of Karawab, Pomeroon River (Region 2) and educated the community about proper water treatment and hygiene. With the completion of the project, the water catchment system in Karawab is capable of collecting 900 gallons of rainwater and improving access to clean water for a broad range of community members. The group also conducted educational activities at Karawab and St. Monica schools, teaching the students about the importance of clean water treatment and healthy hygiene practices, with the hope of ensuring the proper use and maintenance of the water collection systems for years to come. Phillip said, œAwesome trip this year! At first, I was a bit more anxious having a larger group with us, and trying to get everyone out to the village all in one piece. But, once we got to Guyana, the week was an incredible success and in retrospect it seems to have gone by so amazingly fast. The days were jam-packed with teaching, playing with kids, local trips, purchasing construction materials, and paddling around on the river.? Priya Sharma, a Jefferson Medical College (MS1), who was also on the trip said, œSpending a week in Guyana was one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had! Since this was my first time traveling to a foreign country for a service project, I was extremely apprehensive about the obstacles that I would face. However, I was completely amazed by how easy it was to adapt to the Guyanese life. As soon as we arrived at the village, I was overwhelmed by the gratitude and hospitality of St. Monica, and we were able to interact with the villagers as if we were from St. Monica itself. Every day was a new learning experience, whether it was learning how to sleep in a hammock comfortably, or learning how to balance a flashlight while acting out Yoda in our "Celebrity" game.? After School Homework Help at Two Brothers Primary Accelerated Learning Center

After school program
Finished pepper sauce
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