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RPCV Mentoring Program now online

  1. Interested mentors and mentees apply by creating their online mentoring profile in  That profile includes not only basic contact information, but also allows individuals to prioritize their particular needs and/or strengths.

  2. NPCA staff review the applications and assign each individual to an NPCA member group based on their geographic location and/or country of service.

  3. Group mentoring administrators review the profiles of their assigned mentors and mentees and make appropriate matches. In the 2007 pilot program (in Miami, Chicago and Portland, OR), the groups also hosted an orientation, communicated regularly with the mentors and mentees and involved them in their activities and programs.  You can do the same.  There are resource materials on the website to assist and we'll be communicating regularly with groups as this program builds. How your group can participate All NPCA member groups are invited and encouraged! to participate. To get started, simply designate an administrator for the group.  Send me at, their name and email and I'll contact them directly with instructions.  You can be off and running in just a few short minutes.

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