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The Guyana Cancer Foundation Launches

Guyana Cancer Foundation After years of conducting cancer awareness through Avon Community Help Fund (ACHF), the Guyana Cancer Foundation (GCF) finally registered on June 1, 2016, and officially launched on Thursday 29th September 2016 at the Marriott Hotel.

The Guyana Cancer Foundation launches

Aim Guyana Cancer Foundation (GCF) launched under the theme of “In it to end it.” The launch was held to introduce the public to the foundation’s agenda and mission, to raise awareness and educate people on the prevention and treatment of the disease. According to Bibi Hassan's speech at the launching, the Foundation’s mission is to help acclimate cancer survivors back into society. She references two friends who are still reluctant to face society even after defeating the disease. Coming out of such an experience like cancer can be difficult, she added that the foundation is here to help them recover. Guyana Cancer Foundation will stand as a beacon for stopping cancer before it even starts and this will is done through educational activities, cooperation, and support of the community, especially stakeholders, businesses, and organizations. Objectives of Guyana Cancer Foundation

  1. The Foundation was established to inspire hope and help those affected by cancer through sensitization, awareness, and free medical screening to low-income and the underinsured.

  2. To make people understand that early detection increases a patient's chances through education, awareness, and encouraging people to get examined for early detection when they notice symptoms.

  3. Reintegration activities are vital in helping cancer survivors connect back into society. These activities include counseling sessions and general advice.

  4. The Foundation plans to enlarge its community’s support systems for the ill and to help survivors make strides back into society.

  5. The Foundation offers support and counseling to the families of those who lost their battle to cancer.

  6. The Foundation collaborates with the Guyana Cancer Institute (GCI) to provide cancer screening at a subsidized cost of $5,500 G.

Conclusion Corporate entities like The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, N&S Mattai & Company, Shopper’s Pharmacy Inc., and King’s Jewelry World have thrown in their support for Guyana Cancer Foundation. The Foundation’s president is still reaching out to other organizations to come on board and take a stand against cancer and to make a difference in the lives of people affected by the disease. Several activities are planned for the month of October, including Cancer awareness sessions on the 5th and 6th of October; Wear It Pink Friday on the 21st of October, and the Cancer Fitness Walk on October 22nd. The Guyana Cancer Foundation’s office is located at 5 Public Road La Penitence.

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