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We're Proud to Launch the New FROG Website

What's New in the New FROG Website? The last iteration of the FROG website had an online store and a crowdfunding platform, though neither worked very well. We have revamped both, though neither will launch today, and simplified functionality. I hope to launch both features in the very near future with new products for purchase (which will benefit projects in and about Guyana). With the simplified crowdfunding platform, anyone with an interest in Guyana and an idea for a project will be able to submit an application form for us to review, and if approved, we will set up a crowdfunding page for individual projects. There will not be a limit on how much you can fundraise on this platform as oppose to our grant fund which caps out at $500. The third item we have added are something I call "explainers" which are topic-specific explanations relating to Guyana and the Peace Corps. To-date we have two "explainers," an overview of Guyana and one on the ecotourism industry in Guyana. A third article is in the works at the moment.

We Would Love to Hear From You We are always interested in hearing your ideas and feedback. If you have something in mind that might make the website more functional or beneficial, or if you run across something that needs fixing, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly at support @ guyfrog (dot) org.

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