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Learn who founded FROG

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Peace Corps Volunteers represent the people of the United States. With humility and intercultural competence, they integrate into and work with their host communities to foster world peace and friendship.

In 2007, returning Peace Corps Guyana Volunteers Kati Ringer and Scott Stadum founded Friends of Guyana (FROG). During service, Scott supported the efforts of a leading environmental conservation organization and Kati served the students and teachers of a local primary school.

Peace Corps service is a unique, lifelong experience. According to Scott, “Though our service in Guyana had ended, our desire to give back had not. Our goal when we started FROG was to continue to collaborate on locally prioritized projects, supporting those communities we love, and most importantly being a resource for currently serving volunteers in Guyana.” The FROG community has grown over the years, with Scott and Kati actively building relationships, promoting knowledge exchange, and making a lasting and measurable impact. #service #volunteer #community #partnership

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