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You Should Go to Guyana!

Go to Guyana We're not exaggerating when we say go to Guyana, it's a beautiful country to visit. Suitable climate, beautiful views of nature and warm hospitality, what more can you ask for? Guyana is a country well endowed with a lot of natural beauty, making it one of the most interesting places to vacation. There's plenty to explore in Guyana; beautiful mountains, waterfalls, ocean views, and a vast rainforest reserve of over a million acres.

You should go to Guyana!

Travel to Guyana The first thing you'll need for your trip to Guyana is a visa. Visa application is easy and fast, all you need is your international passport to apply and fill in the form, plus you need to prove that you have funds to cover your entire trip expenses. Submit your visa application form to the Guyanese Embassy in Washington, DC. The processing time is fast; it takes less than a week, and in some cases, the process takes just a day. The Guyana visa application price varies depending on the purpose; the application fee for a tourist visa is $30 US while a business visa single entry costs $40 US, multiple entries for three months duration costs USD$50 and multiple entries of 1-year business visa costs $75 US. If you later decide to spend more time in Guyana, you can also extend your visa in Guyana by going to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Georgetown and applying for a visa extension. Some countries share a strong relationship and enjoy a visa-free entry into Guyana. These countries include United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Russia, Germany and New Zealand among many others.

Where to Visit in Guyana There are so many places to see and explore in Guyana, mountains to climb; waterfalls to see and swim and rainforests home to beautiful birds. Some of the top must-see places for travelers in Guyana include: The Kaieteur Falls: You need to see the fantastic views of Kaieteur Falls, 250 meters high, five times the height of Niagara Falls. Orinduik Falls: Another beautiful waterfall with incredible views. While a small falls, it's still one to see. Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve: A vast forest reserve spread across more than a million acres. It's home to a variety of wildlife and colorful birds. Paddling a dugout canoe to explore the forest is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Merume Mountains: A mountain that holds legends and history. Check out the stories before you see the mountain for yourself. Mount Ayanganna: If you like hiking, mountain climbing or just appreciate beautiful views, you will like Mount Ayanganna. It's the second highest peak after Roraima, and it also has a waterfall. Some other places we know you will love are Shell Beach in the northwest of Guyana, 52 Drop Falls on the Cuyuni River and Splashmins Water Park.

Conclusion Guyana is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. With a warm tropical climate and delectable local cuisine, it’s a memorable experience worth every penny. P.S. Don’t forget your camera, you'll need it.

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