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Location: Essequibo, Region 3

Counterparts: Tricia Alves

Date: 8/2018

Contributed: Stephanie Parente – GUY 30

The Suddie Health Center Wellness Fair was on Sunday, September 23, 2018. The fair consisted of several different stations, each dedicated to promoting and teaching a specific healthy lifestyle practice. The covered topics included healthy nutrition, proper hand-washing, personal hygiene, stress management, and coping skills, healthy relationships, self-esteem, sexual and reproductive health and physical health. When participants and community members entered the fair, they were encouraged to visit each station. Staff members and volunteers facilitating the stations were prepared to teach participants about the topic and answer any questions. Handouts and giveaways were available for participants at each station to be used for further learning.

Suddie Health Center Wellness Fair.png
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