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Climate Change in the Caribbean - Guyana Becoming a Green State

Climate change in the Caribbean

Objective The main objective of this agenda is to create a state that will promote a green economy and secure a future for the people while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. President Granger at the United Nations meeting discussed his commitment to providing a sustainable development without degrading the environment. President Granger also pointed out that this aim cannot be achieved without the collective engagement and collaboration of the international community and other states that are determined to pursue a sustainable development and constraining the rise in global temperature.

Mission President David Granger stated that his country would deepen research and development to understand how to improve management of its complex ecosystems and natural resources to protect its forests and their rich biodiversity. In this regard, he made a motion to establish an International Institute of Biodiversity at the IICRCD (Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development) located at the center of the country and the hearth of the Guiana Shield to enable students and scientists from around the world to study and increase their knowledge of vital ecosystems in Guyana. It's well known that Guyana has the second highest forest cover on Earth. The President pointed out the Guyana’s position within the Guiana Shield, covering 2.7 million km and is shared by six South American countries– Guyana, Brazil, La Guyane, Colombia, Venezuela, and Suriname, thus making Guyana one of the most important partners of the global environmental movement. He also told the world leaders at the meeting that Guyana is currently developing a comprehensive Emissions Reduction Programme (ERP) as part of its duty to contribute to global solutions to the threat of global warming and climate change in the Caribbean and around the world. Guyana is setting aside another two million hectares of territory for conservation in pursuit this objective. President Granger also made clear his worries concerning its neighbor Venezuela. He stated that all of Guyana’s efforts nationally and globally are to improve the development and advancement of environmental stability and peace but these aims are being challenged by Venezuelan territorial ambitions. The President added that Guyana will continue to work towards its agenda and goals of a green path of development as in accord with the nationally-determined agreement.

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