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FROG Quarterly Update: April - June 2011

  1. Handed out two new FROG grants:

  2. Suddie Primary Student Lending Library This project will establish a student run lending library where students will be able to borrow books and where parents will receive training on how to reading can benefit their children. The students are excited about this project because they have no access to reading material other than school books.

  3. School Furniture Refurbishment and Youth Rehabilitation Project The desks and chairs used by the students in this community's schools are over 20 years old and have long ago outlived their expected lifespan. This project will engage the New Opportunity Corps, a youth detention facility, to help repair the existing school furniture and will help the NOC students develop their skills.

  4. Announced that Mason Richards film The Seawall made it into the Cannes Film Festiva! The Seawall was shown as part of the Short Film Corner, which provides an opportunity for new and emerging artists to share their work and explore ideas and trends within the genre of short films. Congratulations, Mason! Follow his film on Facebook.

  5. Started planning a Washington D.C. fundraiser event for late summer/early fall. Stay tuned for more information!

  6. Held Board meetings on April 12th, May 16th and June 14th.

  7. Received some very generous donations which will go towards FROG grants and program operations. Thank you to all our donors for your kind donations!

  8. Submitted a NPCA Global Community Project Competition proposal for a $25,000 grant for the Guyana Open Mapping Project.

  9. Launched a new FROG website! Thanks to Maximo Stephani for all your help building out new site.

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