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Vote for Friends & RPCVs of Guyana on Chase Community Giving!

FROG will provide assistance in the form of small grants and resources to support community-driven projects that volunteers are involved. In addition to this, we will conduct Guyanese cultural events and awareness activities in the U.S., both as a part of the Third Goal of Peace Corps and as a means to strengthen support for the people of Guyana. All of the money we raise and any money we gain from Chase will fund projects as FROG consists entirely of volunteers, incurring no overhead costs. With this funding, we'll be able to continue projects like the Karawab Clean Water Project, the Canal #1 Learning Center Project, and Mason Richards’ Narrative Short Film Project on immigration. If you'd like to help FROG fund more projects, there are a few things you can do:
  1. Join the Chase Community Challenge app on Facebook and vote for us!

  2. Spread the word by posting the FROG profile on your wall, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and everywhere else! You can use this link - to spread the message easily.

  3. Send an email to all your friends and family about FROG on Chase and be sure to include our projects! One final note - Persist! Email contacts a few times, to tell them, nudge and remind them; post to Twitter and FB and other sites daily; ask your networks to do them same for their networks. We can win this! Thank you for your support.

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